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Storm Assistance

Storm Damage Tree Removal

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You wont regret using this company. Hats off to them.

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Trust The Professionals

Don’t Handle Storm Damaged Tree Removal Alone

Beaver Dam Tree Service staff member scaling a tree to prepare it for removal while holding a chainsaw.
Beaver Dam Tree Service employee using a chainsaw to remove branches from a tall tree.
Two Beaver Dam Tree Service employees assessing how to safely remove a tree that has fallen onto a house.

Safety First

Why Are Storm-Damaged Trees So Dangerous?

Storm Damage Services

What To Expect

Assess The Damage

We need to know exactly what we’re dealing with and take the time to evaluate the extent of damage done to the tree and how it is affecting its stability. Factors we consider include size, angle of the lean, the presence of hazardous conditions, and how close the tree is to buildings and power lines.

Create A Plan

Once our team has thoroughly assessed the damaged tree and surrounding property, we develop a plan for removal or tree cabling and bracing if the entire tree doesn’t need to be taken down.

Execute The Plan

Our team doesn’t rely on bucket trucks and heavy machinery to remove trees and branches, we’re climbers! That means that we can often reach trees and branches in areas where traditional tree removal techniques won’t work.

We use ropes and rigging to ensure branches and sections of the tree’s trunk are brought safely to the ground with minimal disturbance to the land surrounding it.

Removal And Cleanup

We provide services like stump grinding and debris removal after we’ve brought down the storm-damaged tree. This ensures your property is left clean and safe.

On Call

Emergency Tree Removal Services

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Beaver Dam Tree Service employee using a chainsaw to remove branches from a tall tree.
Beaver Dam Tree Service employee using a chainsaw to cut a log into smaller pieces.

20+Years of Experience

Why Choose Beaver Dam Tree Service?

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