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Tree Trimming

Pruning & Trimming Your Trees

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No "buyer's remorse" here! We needed a LOT of cleanup from the strong winds that had ripped through here recently; much of it required climbing.

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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Keep Your Trees Healthy

Disease Prevention

Regular tree trimming allows our crew to quickly identify and remove diseased branches, which keeps the disease from spreading to other areas of the otherwise healthy tree.

Structural Integrity

Selective tree trimming minimizes the risk of branches breaking, falling, and causing damage to your property. This is particularly important in Northern Indiana where we often have tornadoes, strong winds, and a heavy storm season.

Improved Resilience

If your trees are properly pruned and regularly trimmed, they are better equipped to handle harsh weather conditions like storms, ice, heavy snow, and high winds. Lower wind residence means there is a lower chance of them being uprooted in inclement weather.

Trust The Professionals

Invest In Professional Tree Trimming

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Beaver Dam Tree Service staff member standing on a letter attaching cables to a large tree to prepare for removal.
A chainsaw actively being used to cut a felled tree into smaller pieces.
Beaver Dam Tree Service employee using a chainsaw to remove branches from a tall tree.
Beaver Dam Tree Service employee using a chainsaw to cut a log into smaller pieces.

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