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Tree Cabling

Improve Your Tree’s Structural Integrity

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Stabilizing Trees

What Is Tree Cabling?

When Is Tree Cabling Necessary?

Benefits Of Tree Cabling

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Improved Structural Integrity

Tree cabling can reinforce critical junctions of a tree to help prevent splitting and evenly distribute a tree’s weight as it grows.


When tree limbs fall unexpectedly, they can do a large amount of damage, especially in suburban areas where trees are more likely to be near homes, roads, and even people walking by. Cabling can help lower the risk of extensive property damage and injury.

Longer Life

By providing support to compromised areas of a tree, cabling can extend its life, even if it does have structural issues that would have made it impossible otherwise.

Minimally Invasive

Removing an entire tree is typically a more in-depth process, which can be more disruptive than tree cabling, as it can preserve the tree while also addressing structural issues.

Beaver Dam Tree Service employee using a chainsaw to remove branches from a tall tree.
Beaver Dam Tree Service employee using a chainsaw to cut a log into smaller pieces.

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