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Tree Removal

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No "buyer's remorse" here! We needed a LOT of cleanup from the strong winds that had ripped through here recently; much of it required climbing.

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From The Treetops

Our Equipment & Techniques


Rigging equipment is what our tree removal crew uses to secure our climbers and equipment safely as they move up and down your tree. Rigging helps us safely bring cut limbs to the ground, send equipment up the tree to the climber, and more.

If you watch our team remove your tree, you’ll likely notice ropes, pulleys, carabiners, winches, and more being used as part of our rigging.


Our tree removal specialists climb into your tree to remove sections of branches and trunk. That means they need the best in rigging and climbing gear to ensure their safety.

Harnesses, ropes, lanyards, and spikes are often used to help our climbers move up and stay secure in their position in the tree as they remove portions of the trunk and branches.


The equipment we use to remove trees and cut down branches is more than just a saw! We choose cutting tools specifically based on each job to ensure we have the best options for removing your tree.

Chainsaws, pole saws, and pruners are all tools we have in our arsenal to get the job done.


After your tree has been removed, our team will clean up and dispose of all tree debris, ensuring your property looks even better than it did prior to tree removal.

Silhouette of a man cabled to a tree as he works to remove it with the sun in the background.
Beaver Dam Tree Service employees working to remove a felled tree by the water.

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Tree Removal

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Beaver Dam Tree Service employees posing up on trees together.
Two Beaver Dam Tree Service employees assessing how to safely remove a tree that has fallen onto a house.
Beaver Dam Tree Service employee using a chainsaw to remove branches from a tall tree.
Beaver Dam Tree Service employee using a chainsaw to cut a log into smaller pieces.

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