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Stump Grinding

Professional Tree Stump Removal

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The guys did a great job taking the tree down, grinding out the stump and cleaning up ALL debris from the tree site, the yard, and even the street where the tree and debris were loaded.

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Smooth Out Your Yard

What Is Stump Grinding?

Benefits Of Stump Grinding

Beaver Dam Tree Service co-owner, Mark Sill giving thumbs-up while being attached to a tree trunk with a harness.
Shallow hole in the ground after tree stump removal has been completed.

Safe Stump Removal

Let The Professionals Handle It

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Tree stumps can be a hazard for anyone walking through your yard and trying to mow around them is a challenge. When we grind the stump below ground level, it removes the danger of anyone tripping or running over the stump.

Disease Prevention

Tree stumps left unchecked quickly become a breeding ground for fungi and pests, which pose a danger to the healthy trees and plants on your property. Stump grinding removes that risk completely.

Improved Curb Appeal

Old, rotting tree stumps can mar the landscape of your home. Once our team of experts has ground down the stump and left a clean hole, it’s ready for replanting and removes the negative visual effect of a stump in your yard. It also opens up space to use for other landscaping features.

Beaver Dam Tree Service employee using a chainsaw to remove branches from a tall tree.
Beaver Dam Tree Service employee using a chainsaw to cut a log into smaller pieces.

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